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Whether it’s buying, selling, displaying, or management and leadership, our people make the difference in their store. Our people are paid for performance.

At Scheels, you will be part of a team of hard-working, dedicated sports enthusiasts who share your interests in fashion, sports apparel, footwear, hunting, fishing, skiing, and sports of all kinds.

Additional Opportunities:
Don’t find a position that piques your interest?  Don’t worry because we have many other passions at Scheels for you to consider: Deli, Barista, Loss Prevention, Accounting, Payroll, Human Resources, Service Technician, Display, and many more!

Our cashiers are the first to greet our customers and make the best first impression as our customers begin their shopping experience at Scheels!  Cashiers learn about all areas of the business as customers purchase products from all areas of the store.  Many career associates at Scheels began their career as a cashier.  Through training and development opportunities, cashiers have an opportunity to grow within our organization! If speed, accuracy and an award winning smile shine in your daily activities, this position is for you!

The golf club you just swung, the shoes you just ran in, the jacket you just wore snowboarding, they were all placed within our shops by our Support team!

They play a critical role in ensuring our customers receive the products they are looking for.  Getting our product from the delivery truck into your hands is their number one goal.  Handling the product from all areas of the store is a great way to learn about our business and grow into other career opportunities at Scheels!

Sales Expert
Our sales associates don’t just sell products and services, they sell fun!  They are experts of Hunting, Fishing, Shoes, Fashion, Golf, Snowboarding, Biking, Swim, and many more!  This team receives specialized training to help them become experts in their area and providing for career growth opportunities at Scheels. Become an expert and share your passion!

Specialty Shop Manager
To be a Specialty Shop Manager at Scheels is like running your own business.  From selecting product for your shop, managing your inventory, creating displays and building relationships with your team and your customers, this position offers it all!  Our best Specialty Shop Managers started as a cashier or in a sales position, and many have gone on to other leadership roles within our organization.

Assistant Store Leader
Our Assistant Store Leaders are ambassadors of Scheels customer service and culture!  Each one has the opportunity to provide leadership to a few or many different specialty shops within our store. ASL’s as we call them, help to develop career paths for our associates by being an exceptional communicator, having the passion of a champion, and the business knowledge to support their teams. Assistant Store Leaders are grown from all areas of the store with the opportunity to progress into many other opportunities such as the Store Leadership training program, Line Leader (Buyer) team, Sales Training, Human Resources, and more.

Store Leader Candidate
The Store Leader Candidate or SLC as we call them, is a training program designed to develop future Store Leaders of Scheels.  The SLC works along-side a Store Leader and Assistant Store Leader teams to learn every aspect of the business.  Their primary role is to ensure their store is the best retailer in the eyes and minds of our customers and associates; they manage budgets, promote sales, train our teams, and much more offering them the experience needed to lead their own store.

Store Leader
Our Store Leaders are the best of the best!  Each store is overseen by a leader who has developed an exceptional aptitude for our business and most importantly our customer service and culture.  They take good people, lead them by example and immerse them in our culture, helping them to become great at what they do while enjoying their career or part-time work at SCHEELS.  They are exceptional leaders and community partners!